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This podcast is loosely about politics, football, faith, and theology. I started it because I enjoy telling people my opinions on all of the above areas, but also because I enjoy a good discussion. For that reason, this podcast will have episodes where it’s just me talking and spouting my crazy opinions, as well as interviews where I discuss politics, football, or faith and theology with a guest.

If you want to know where I’m coming from, I’m a Christian in the Reformed theological tradition. When I say I’m a Christian, I mean I believe a Jewish man named Jesus who lived and died 2000 years ago is alive today and is king of the universe. When I say I’m in the Reformed tradition, I mainly mean that I believe that while God gives us many excellent sources of wisdom and knowledge, God’s revelation in Scripture is the only absolute authority for Christians.

I am also a conservative and a Colts fan.

I think having good conversations about controversial issues with people we disagree with is in some sense a lost art, and one of my goals is to help restore healthy discourse about politics and theology. For that reason, I approach interviews with people I disagree with as conversations rather than debates. I’m not trying to “score points” with an audience; I’m trying to better understand the person’s position and help him/her to better understand my position, and see if can at least agree on what it is we disagree about and why, all while a microphone happens to be running. I am willing to interview anyone from any political or theological background: Protestant, Roman Catholic, atheist, Muslim, conservative, progressive, alt-right, antifa, libertarian, whatever. Just no Patriots fans. You have to draw the line somewhere!

The music is taken from a song called “Make Me Cry” by Forstory, a band my brother is in. It’s used with permission. They’re pretty amazing, as you can tell just from the clips I use. Here’s their website:


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