2 thoughts on “Episode 30: Converting to Christianity with Eleanor Grant

  1. When you were three, I sat at your family’s dinner table, and you asked a question about the scripture your dad had just read. “Daddy, what does it mean, dead to sin but alive in Christ?” It stunned me for several reasons. First, how did you think to ask that question? Then, you never talked very much at all, so this must be important to you. Also, the sound of a question like that in the voice of a small child was profoundly impactful for me. I’ve said all that to you before, maybe more than once. While i was listening to this podcast, i kept hearing the three year old, and wondering at the fact that you are still asking questions in the same way. Right now, I’m in awe of God and how he puts things on my path that have met me in my questions. And in this interview, each question was something i wanted to know. Each of the answers met me exactly where i was listening. Each time Eleanor spoke, she went on to say something else I needed to hear. All day I’ve been listening, knowing God was at work, asking him to help me hear. I’m very grateful for the clear, unpretentious, curious way you explored the faith life of your friend. God does draw us to him, and kindly reminds me that I am dead to sin and alive in Christ. It is not lost on me that your babe is in the background, and you are a father raising a son, who will ask you the same questions. Also, I follow your brilliant wife, and hope she’s not offended by the number of errors in this post 🙂 or by smiley faces. I cried the whole interview. If you only had one listener, God got the right one. Grace and peace to your whole family.


    1. Thanks, Kathy! Great to hear from you, and I’m glad it was helpful! Eleanor’s a very wise and Godly woman. It’s always an honor to talk to and learn from someone who’s been walking with God for longer than I’ve been alive, and I was grateful she let me do that on my little podcast.


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