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Episode 37: Answering Questions about Abortion

I do my best to respond to some common questions about abortion. Will making abortion illegal actually reduce abortions? Even if abortion is wrong, don’t you have to be a Christian to understand why it’s wrong, and is it right to impose a Christian view of morality on others? Do pro-life people only care aboutContinue reading “Episode 37: Answering Questions about Abortion”


Episode 32: Yes, Roe v. Wade Should be a Voting Issue for Christians

In this episode, I respond to a viral video made by Skye Jethani and Phil Vischer, arguing that Pro-life Christians should not see Roe v. Wade as relevant in their voting. Summary: 1. No, Christians are not turning a blind eye to “un-Christian policies” because of Roe v. Wade. 2. Of course Republican presidentsContinue reading “Episode 32: Yes, Roe v. Wade Should be a Voting Issue for Christians”